We are aware that customers of the now closed John Cooper & Sons Ltd (Aga Cooker suppliers) are facing problems with contacting them with service problems and sales. With new sales & guarantee work please contact the AGA shop in Colchester to be found on our Services side bar, with older repairs and servicing please call ourselves.

As a service provider we want to make sure that your Aga cooker experience is the best it can be. We recognise that is important that tradesmen are fully qualified therefore our engineers are qualified to IEE 17th Electrical regulations, along with the relevant Aga cooker training and hold OFTEC oil qualifications (we would advise that you always check their current qualifications of anyone servicing your equipment).  

Neal has had many years of experience and was the Senior Engineer at Aga. He has had great experience of servicing, repairing and moving Aga cookers. He is sure you will be very happy with their friendly and reliable service. 

For electric and oil Aga cooker servicing and repairs, we mainly cover East Anglia (Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire) and the South East of England. For parts we can arrange to deliver to anywhere in the world.

Selling your Aga cooker or looking for one? We have a sales page which is free to advertise on if your looking for a particular Aga cooker send us an email and we will do our best to locate one for you!

When does your electric Aga cooker need servicing ? - your Aga cooker should be serviced once a year if its a night storage 30A Aga cooker. If it's a 13A Aga cooker it should be serviced every 3 years (but you will need to Hoover the control box, clean and degrease the vent fan every year).

Electric Aga cooker's need to be switched off at least the night before servicing and the lids and doors should be opened (you can not properly service a hot Aga cooker).

Oil Aga cooker's are serviced every 6 months and the Aga cooker needs to be turned off the night before the service.

Our products and our services are guaranteed to give you confidence in our service.

Faulty electric Aga cooker? Need advice? Call our mobile for free advice on what parts you might need and their price.

We supply 13 amp Aga cooker electronic control boards, alternative parts and systems, 30 amp night storage Aga cooker control boards, elements and associated parts.

You will find the price of our parts and service very competitive, we offer genuine Aga cooker parts at lower costs and also alternative parts should you wish to keep costs down further, everything you need from electronic control boards to elements to plastic door washers.

Finding your 13 amp electric Aga cooker expensive to run & not keeping up to temperature? We provide a repacking service with high quality insulation which improves both fuel consumption and speed of heat replenishment.

We can put you in touch with some useful services to enhance your Aga cooker experience such as hand crafted tiles, cookery courses, linen products, interior design, oven cleaning and kitchen design and fitting. We can even advise on how to minimise your energy footprint by using renewable energy.

What can I do about cleaning my Aga cooker? We can provide cleaning products to help with this difficult job, either talk to the engineer on site or email us to send products direct to you, our customers love the product and the time it saves over the normally available Aga cooker cleaning creams.

We service and repair both the Masterchef and DC6 (6/4) type of Aga range cookers range.

We normally stock 13 amp Aga cooker's for sale which can be enameled to the colour of your choice, fully reconditioned with several options on the control system used to best suit your needs. Filled with the highest specification insulation to save money and reduce heat recovery time.

The 13-amp Aga range cooker runs from a normal electricity supply in just the same way as a kettle. This cooker is brilliant for those who want an Aga cooker that is on all the time, but want the cleanliness and convenience of a cooker that runs on electricity. AIMS – Aga Intelligent Management System – allows you to programme your Aga to slumber when you aren’t cooking, thus saving energy and running costs.

Our favourite customers quote - "Its not what's on the side of the van that counts, its what's in the van that counts" see our testimonials for a small sample of what our customers think.

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